20+ Fall Family Traditions To Start With Your Kids

family traditions to start with your kids

Family Traditions To Start This Fall

A new season is a great reason to start something new!

Since summer is nearly over, & fall will be here in a matter of days, the pumpkin flavored everything, the plaid, the hayrides, the bonfires + s’mores are upon us! Being the summer girl I am, I’ll sure miss the tan lines & sandy feet for the next nine months, but there’s nothing like fall.

Be present with them while they’re little, because they won’t be little for long.

When I was a kid, I remember going to the pumpkin patch and finding the perfect pumpkin, carving it, trick-or-treating with my cousins, and my mom, me, and my grandma cooking delicious meals at Thanksgiving! As I grew up and started my own family, I wanted them to remember the little things like that, and to carry them on to their own kids one day. So we started with the three things I remembered most from my childhood, and have since added everything on this list! What I want you to get out of this is to make the time you have with your kids count. You don’t have to do everything on this list! Start with one or two and see what works with your family. These fall family traditions are something they’ll cherish for the rest of their life!

Traditions don’t have to be over the top!

Sure, some are big, but some of the best ones aren’t. Simple things will instill life long memories just as much as the over the top ones! So whether you go pick your own pumpkins from a cute little patch or buy one from Walmart, what you do, as a family, is what matters most.

Fall Family Traditions Bucket List

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I made this list with every kind of mama in mind, no matter what your kids ages are. No matter what your budget is. No matter where you live. I want to help you strengthen your bond as a family this fall & everyday!


  • Take Family Photos Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, you can still take great pictures on your smart phone! I’ll be doing a mini course on this soon! Sign up for my newsletter to get more information on how to enroll in this FREE course!
  • Play In The Leaves Who doesn’t get the urge to jump into a big pile of crispy, fall leaves?
  • Make A Bonfire + Roast Marshmallows Ah, s’mores. You can even get this cute indoor s’more maker on amazon for under $30! This is great for younger kids! We love ours!
  • Make A Pie From Scratch (Let your kids use THESE to cut out cute designs for the top!)
  • Go Backyard Camping Or build a fort in the living room and let the kids camp out!
  • Go On A Nature Hike (Or a backyard hunt!) We live in the country on about seven acres of land, so our kids can always find something in the backyard! If you can’t go on a hike, use your backyard, or set up a scavenger hunt in the house!
  • Nature Journal With Your Kids Grab a journal & some paintbrushes! Charlotte Mason used this homeschooling technique in her curriculum and we love it! When the kids get restless, taking a walk outside and coloring or painting nature really helps them settle down! It’s a great creativity sparker!
  • Have A Picnic Pack some sandwiches + snacks and go sit in the backyard or your local park!
  • Make Hot Chocolate With extra marshmallows!
  • Go To A High School Football Game Support your local football team!
  • Make Pumpkin Bread (This is my favorite!) I love pumpkin bread. It’s pretty much the only pumpkin flavored anything I like! This is a great recipe! I like to add walnuts or almonds to ours!
  • Plan A Halloween Movie Night You know you want to watch all those halloween movies from your childhood! Halloweentown, Casper, Hocus Pocus, the list goes on…
  • Make Candy Apples We melt chocolate and caramel in the microwave and dip the apples. Sometimes we add crushed nuts or sprinkles!
  • Make A Haunted Ginger Bread House Just like a regular gingerbread house, but spooky! Build your own or buy a haunted house kit from amazon!
  • Visit A Trunk-Or-Treat Our kid’s school puts on a trunk-or-treat every year! Everyone decorates their trunks & the kids get to trick or treat with teachers & their friends!
  • Make Popcorn Balls Or rice crispies! My kids love putting halloween sprinkles on both of these!
  • Pick Out A Pumpkin From the patch or from your local market!
  • Carve Or Paint Them Together (My youngest loves to put stickers on them!) This is fun for all ages!
  • Make A Thankful Tree Write down everything you’re thankful for with your kids and hang it on a leafless tree! If you don’t have a tree, drawing one will work great! Then paste the things you are thankful for on it! We also like to make thankful turkeys! You can trace their hand on a paper plate and fill in five things they’re thankful for, or use popsicle sticks!
  • Tell The Story Of The First Thanksgiving Let them act it out! Be creative!
  • Start A Gratitude Jar Get a Mason jar, or any kind of container, and write down what you’re thankful for all year and drop it in the jar. On Thanksgiving, read them all!
  • Make A Turkey Craft Like I said above, thankful turkeys are fun! Super inexpensive and a great way to display what they’re thankful for all month!
  • Have A Family Game Night We play Monopoly, Uno, Super Mario Kart, Dance Party, Twister, Scavenger Hunts, etc!

I hope this list gave you a few new ideas to start doing this fall with your sweet family! XOXO, Mama Morse

Do you have any traditions from when you were a kid, that you do now, or will do with your kids?

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