Our First Move

We’ve decided to leave our hometown, and travel to our neighbor state of Texas for the remainder of this year. My husband (Blake) had an opportunity to work outside of Louisiana and we are a family with a love of travel, so of course we said yes! We had spent a while deciding on if we wanted to homeschool or not. Our children have been public schooled until now. We kept going back and forth on our decision to take the leap of faith and trust that we are capable of teaching our children at home (and on the road!) I want them to aspire to be creative and become everything they dream of. Travel-schooling will allow us to use the world as our classroom & as our teacher. When this job opportunity came up, we decided this was our chance to see if this is the path for us. So Blake took the job, we found an apartment, and began downsizing our possessions.

Minimalism was a term I had heard before, but I figured it just meant to sell all your stuff and basically never have anything except the shirt on your back. But the more I researched minimalism, the more I realized it was actually something that would benefit our family. Less things meant less time cleaning up and more time together. It meant less clutter and stress and more peace. I’m a very organized person and with four kids, to keep all the toys and clothes they had accumulated over the last ten years, was a daunting task. Everyday I would find myself exhausted and stressed out. By the time Blake would get home from work, I had spent all of my energy trying to keep our home tidy and we were just burnt out. We decided to purge our whole house. The kids didn’t cry over toys or even complain once. They knew less stuff to clean up meant more time and freedom to play. They gladly chose a few things they loved and then donated the rest of their old toys. We went through everything in our home and donated about 60% of our things. It felt so good to give our unused possessions a new home and bless others, instead of leaving clothes in our closets that we haven’t worn in months. Everyones definition of minimalism is different. From having one backpack with all of your belongings in it to being a big family with only things that spark joy. Enough is what all minimalist have in common. But our enough and your enough are probably two different ideas. You can see our guide to minimalism here.

Traveling is an adventure for us. Giving my children an education where I can watch them grow, be creative and curiously wonder in a different setting is the icing on the cake. I want them to see more than just their point of view in life. I’ve always wanted to homeschool. I was always afraid that I couldn’t give them what they needed. But God has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones and giving us the chance to have faith in his plan for our life and the children he has given us.

So like any good mom, I googled “how to homeschool” and the results were overwhelming. I discovered so many things I didn’t know about schooling at home, on the road, in the world. The types of home education and how to “unschool” and even “deschool” WHAT? Some people live as if school doesn’t exist, some recreate school in their homes, buy fancy curriculum, child led learning, the list goes on. Where do I even start was all I could think. So, I made a list of every option and put a little check mark next to the ones that sparked interest and would benefit our family. You can see my list here of everything we checked into and why we chose to incorporate it in our learning at home or not.

The last month of education at home has been a learning process in itself. I have learned more about my kids specific needs and discovering what interest them in this big world. I finally am beginning to feel confident in myself and trusting God more each day in this season of our life. The move to Texas is coming up and we are excited to continue the journey God has put us on! We hope you’ll follow along on our new adventures!

XOXO, The Morse Family

Do you homeschool? Worldschool? Unschool? Are you afraid of taking the leap like I was?

We make our own plans, but the Lord will direct our steps. Proverbs 16:9

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