What It’s Really Like Being A SAHM

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When you have your first baby, and sometimes even your second, everyone wants to offer you advice and try to help you on your new journey of motherhood. The nurses help you feed and change your newborn baby, family members may offer to let you get a much needed nap, or close friends and family might cook you meals for when you come home from the hospital. But when you have your third or fourth or tenth, everyone assumes you know what you’re doing, like you got this mom thing down. But if we’re being honest, we all still don’t know what we’re doing and we’d like to cash in on that much needed nap please! Here’s my day as a stay at home mom in a nutshell.

It’s 10:01 PM and everyone in our little 1200 sq ft home are asleep. I put the kids down at 8PM and my husband and I spent time together laughing at memes and talking about our day together. This is my time to sit down, knowing all my babes are tucked in, my few moments of quiet before going to sleep. My very precious, uninterrupted time without someone asking for a cup of milk or cleaning a messy face or let’s be real, wiping butts. This mama is tired to say the least.

So maybe you stumbled on this blog because you’re wondering what it would be like to quit your day job + stay at home with your little babe. Or maybe you’re about to become a mother and plan on staying home. Motherhood has such a special place in my heart. From conception to birth to infinity and beyond. I love being a mom. Some days are hard but the days that are filled with little giggles + sloppy kisses make every hard day so worth it. So here’s my day to day routine of a stay at home homeschooling mom of four.

Grace + Landon + Sunny + Stevie

There were days when I wanted to be a working mom. I was in school to become a nurse midwife. But I felt God calling me to be at home with my children for now. I had huge mom guilt for being in school and missing out on picking them up from school or not being able to play with them because I had a final the next day. So I could only imagine how working 12 hour shifts and being on call would hurt our relationships. But I’m not saying just because you are a working parent, that you aren’t a good parent! I have huge respect for all moms! Everyone has a different calling in life and everyone is doing their best for their families. #nojudgezone So in this season of my life, I’m currently homeschooling and mommin’ full time! And let me tell you, it’s a wild, crazy, beautiful ride! I don’t love early mornings or broken sleep from a teething baby, but I love seeing them smile at me or showing me a new trick they learned. I’m just like every other mom, trying to figure it out one day at a time! Some days are hard and I feel like I fail at the wife & mom game and other days remind me I was made for this and I’m doing my very best & that is enough.

I get up around 6 AM most days, but I’m definitely not a morning person. In fact if it were up to me, we’d sleep til noon everyday! So, at 6, if my sweet seven month old baby girl (Stevie) isn’t awake yet, I fit in my morning devotional + yoga. It makes my day go over smoother and I find I have more patience on these days. Once my yoga + devotional are complete, I get my youngest daughter up, feed her breakfast and by the time she’s done the rest of my babes are awake and ready to eat! This is usually around 730-8 AM. We make breakfast and have our mornings together before we begin schooling. Usually I have one or two helpers preparing our breakfast. Once everyone has eaten and are awake enough to learn, we start school. We are eclectic homeschoolers, meaning we use multiple sources for curriculum. Our main curriculum is Monarch. It covers the core subjects + bible time! My oldest and only son, Landon, is now independent enough to work mostly on his own (5th grader!!!) He’s into computer technology these days + coding + lots of other things I don’t understand! His strong point is in math (on a ninth grade level!) My oldest daughter, Grace, started 3rd grade this year! She’s my little artist. She loves drawing + taking photos with her Fujifilm Instax mini. I can always count on her to get the best pictures of our family! I also have my third baby, Sunny, also known as my wild child! She’s not technically homeschooled yet but she loves to learn already. Which was my goal in homeschooling to begin with. I wanted my children to continue to pursue a creative life! We first decided to homeschool when my husband got a job offer that is moving us to Texas next month, but it has been on my heart for a while. You can read about our first move here.

We start with math around 9AM Monday through Thursday. Yes we only school four days a week so we can explore the world around us on the weekends! Fridays are Family days + fieldtrip days! We may go to our nearest farmers market or play a few rounds of putt-putt! Anyway, after math is out of the way we continue through our curriculum + take breaks as needed.

When 10AM rolls around it’s time for Stevie to take her first nap. While she is napping I spend one on one time with Sunny and help my older children with school work if needed. Sunny loves to sing songs + play the games together! Her personality matches her name. She’s always my fun, sunshining, happy girl. I also use this time to get a few chores done or prep for dinner.

At noon, my littlest wakes from her nap and we take a break from school and enjoy our lunch. Sometimes we pack a picnic and sit under our oak tree, other times we pile up on the couch + watch their favorite youtube channels. Around 1PM we return to schooling and do a science or history lesson together. Then my older kids do an independent assignment, such as coding classes or art projects. I try to get us outside as much as possible, but in southeast Louisiana sometimes it’s just too hot!

Around 2PM Stevie goes down for her second nap of the day! We usually use this time for exercise inside on rainy or hot days and outside when we can. We do some yoga stretches and then maybe play a game of tag or hide and seek. My kids also love to do nature scavenger hunts! We make a list of what we find and then learn about them! They love exploring and hands on learning. I usually supplement our schooling with Wild + Free in our nature adventures! Charlotte Mason is another great nature guided curriculum supplement!

Morning yoga with two of my girls!

We are usually finishing up school around 3PM and go inside to do our daily chores. My three year old is usually in a melt down at this point, (because she missed that nap she refuses to take, but still really needs) and doesn’t want to go in to do chores when she has a trampoline she just has to jump on or a swing she just has to swing on, just five more minutes…

You’ll notice our day is very planned out and very structured. We do take rest days where we just hang out at home, but my kids thrive on schedules. They like knowing what to expect and when to expect it. It isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! All of us are doing our best and finding what works for our family and what doesn’t! I get so many questions on how I manage with four kids, but honestly this is just life to me. I honestly don’t remember what my life was before kids, or even what it was like with one or two. What it was like to be able to go to Target without getting four littles dressed and ready, buckled in their carseats, then unbuckling it so they can go pee. But I wouldn’t change it for anything. I soak up every moment I can with them.

Yes, they’re all mine!

But of course my husband and I make time for us. You can read how we get creative with date nights here! We need a break just like any other mom and dad. Sometimes that’s a weekend getaway trip, local concert, or date nights in, after the kids go to sleep!

After cleaning the living room, putting away laundry, and emptying the dishwasher, we cook dinner. Things get tricky at dinner time over here. Getting six people to agree on one meal is hard. So we usually write a number down. The kids take turns guessing a number 1-10 and the one who is the closest to the number we wrote down gets to pick their top three choices for dinner. The one who was the farthest away from the number we wrote, gets to pick out of the top three! It works so great for us! We try to stick to whole foods around here for the health benefits. My son has seasonal asthma and my Sunny girl deals with eczema. We noticed their diet can help or hurt them. When they have less sugar, they seem to have almost no flare ups! So we’ve also recently started removing refined sugar from our diets. And that’s a whole other post!

After we have finally decided on dinner (and convinced Sunny ice cream is not an option) we cook together! Grace loves making homemade spaghetti and meatballs + baking! Landon is the pancake and pizza master! My husband is the best cook in our family, but when he’s working 13 hour days, me and the kids take on the cooking! I have to admit, it’s one of my least favorite things to do. It can’t be just me, right? My husband, Blake, can take anything and make it not only pretty, but delicious! So sometimes I’m on the phone with him asking what to do next and sometimes I follow a Pinterest recipe! My grandma taught me a thing or two in the kitchen, but after a long day, I’m tired and looking forward to bedtime! So quick, easy, healthy recipes are my go to!

After we eat dinner, it’s bath time. Which are usually pretty short because hot water only lasts about 20 minutes in this house! Stevie takes a bath in her bloom bath in our sink, Sunny goes in the tub, and the older two take their showers.

This is our wind down time. We may watch a movie together, or the kids can have screen time, read a book, or play with their toys etc. When 7pm comes around, Stevie goes to sleep for the night, then Sunny around 730PM, and the older kids go to bed around 8Pm. Of course this is in a perfect day. It doesn’t always go as planned. But we make this our goal bedtime so the kids get enough rest to be ready to learn and be in good moods the next day, for my husband and I to have time together, and for my sanity. Then I get to write on this little blog to all of you!

Thank you for reading about my day as a SAHM! If you have more questions leave it in the comment section!

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XOXO, Mama Morse

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